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Installing an air source heat pump is an excellent and low maintenance solution to produce your own heat, reduce carbon emissions and save money on your home heating costs. You might be thinking ‘does it need to be warm outside for it to work’, the answer is no, as they still generate heat even when outside air temperatures are as low as -15C. They work in a similar way to a fridge or air conditioning system, the difference being is that they actually produce warm air.

Air source heat pumps run using electricity, but they can achieve an efficiency of 300% , Compare this to the average 90% rating of a new boiler, or older boilers which can be as low as 60%, and you’ll quickly realise why air source heat pumps are a popular way to heat your home or business. To make this easier to digest, for every unit of electricity used the heat pump generates 3 units of heat. This means that the heat pump generates more energy than it uses. 

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Air source heat pumps are installed outside of your property, normally by the side or rear of the building. They absorb heat from the outside air, which is increased using a compressor, before being ready to be released into your home.

There are two types of air source heat pumps, air to water and air to air. The type of heat distribution system you need will be determined by the unit that you choose. Air to water units transfer the heat by pumping liquid through pipes to radiators or underfloor heating. The benefit of an air to water system is that it will produce hot water in addition to heat. Air to air systems generate warm air directly from the unit. This is then circulated around your home via ducting and fans.

When installing air source heat pumps, it is very important to make sure your property is insulated. A well-insulated building significantly reduces heat loss through walls, floors and the roof. If heat is easily escaping the building, the air source heat pump will need to work twice as hard to generate more heat to replace that what is lost.

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